Hp laptop

Like new
Quad core i7 8 gig Memory 320 gig Hard drive New Windows 10 Pro have a docking station that you can run a keyboard, mouse and two monitors
I have a used Dell laptop in really good condition. Its my daughters, she used it 1 year at Marietta College and bought a new one for this year. Paid almost 600.00 new. Works very good and super fast. Im not a computer guy so I cant answer alot of questions but i will do my best to find the answer to any questions. Im including in the pics the specs of the computer from office depot thats where...
This is a used Acer 27 1080P 120Hz LCD 3D monitor with sound. Monitor works fine. It wasnt used a lot. used in a nonsmoking environment by an adultports VGA, DVI-D, HDMI. audio inIncludesmonitor w orginal boxpower supplyNvidia 3D glasses which were only used once or twice
47 inch Samsung flat screen 1080P TV with gloss black matching TV stand entertainment center. Works just fine only no one watches it anymore it has just sit here Stand is well built and solid.
Cannon TS9020 full color wireless app based printer copier. Also prints beautiful pictures and is compatible with the nice picture printing paper. Prints wirelessly through WiFi on your desk top or lap top or through phone app available for android and iPhone. Full brand new ink cartridges and a full sleeve of paper. Only used once to print flight itinerary and has been sitting unused ever sinc...
traynor bass mate 10 $20 13 inch by 12 inch might trade for a tablet or comics
Enlarges anything from 24 in to 27 feet works on game consoles tv computer comes with all cables
Cerwin Vega is unique in the fact they have only focused on one thing through the illustrious history of their company speakers. They have never manufactured any other type of components and they have consistently redesigned their models to keep up with technology. The VS series stands for Velocity Sensitive and were designed to maximize the efficiency and sound reproduction of digitally proces...
MCS Modular Component Systems was house brand stereo equipment for the JC Penney department store chain. JC Penney did an outstanding job outsourcing their electronic equipment, and a loyal following of MCS collectors has emerged to discover the quality sleeper units among their gear. This turntable was subcontracted to Technics and is based on the SL-BD platform. This table has been serviced w...
Onkyo built the heavy duty A series integrated lifiers to a very high standard. They produce clean, accurate sound and are conservatively rated. The A7 is rated at 65 WPC but bench tests at 73 WPC. Internally they incorporated huge transformers and two 25,000 UF filter caps, as well as bipolar transistors. It also has Hi and Subsonic filters. The features are unbelievable with a pre section, tw...
Hundreds of high end audio and AV cables of all kinds all different lengths, styles, and sizes. Contact me if you are interested in upgrading your existing cables or you are looking for original equipment.
My wife is determined to drag me out of the electronic stone age. She bought this Pyle Pro receiver for the modern features and she bought a turntable capable of digitizing our albums. I have already recorded my albums to reel to reel. I feel really bad about it but I just dont like to hear music compressed into modern formats and I dont have time to do it for her. There is no way you can liste...
This turntable was designed to interface with modern receivers that do not have a phono section. It has its own lifier with equalization that will work with aux. receiver inputs. It is a well built, well designed table.
MCS Modular Component Systems was the house brand stereo equipment of the JC Penney department store chain. JC Penney did an outstanding job outsourcing their electronic equipment to a variety of major electronics manufacturers. The most coveted pieces in the MCS vintage line up are the components subbed out to Nippon Electrical Company, or NEC, in Japan. Folks who identify this deck as a Techn...
Here is a custom made record rackstereo cabinet that held Pioneer separates in the shelves and a turntable, reel to reel deck, and CD player on the top with album storage bins in the bottom. It was custom made from solid pine board. The dimensions are 55 W X 28.5 H X 14.5 D. The record storage compartments are 12.75 W X 19.75 H X 14.5 D. The audio shelves vary in width from 18 to 21 and are 14....
The Bose 201 was introduced in 1982 and has enjoyed the longest production run of all Bose model speakers. Dr. Bose redesigned the 201 every six years until the Series V came along in 2002 and it is still being produced today. It is a two way 6 OHM speaker rated at an incredible 10-120W RMS with a 6.5 woofer emitted through a flared port and a 2 angled high sensitivity fluid cooled tweeter. The...
works fine.perfect for small room or kitchen.$160.Please email if interested. thanks.
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